I purchased this after coming back from overseas where everyone uses bidets. I got so used to it I knew I definitely wanted one. However, no long after I installed did I started noticing the panic buy of toilet paper and hence this purchase went from a good buy to a great buy. I love this thing so much already, can’t imagine going back to just toilet paper.

With an ultra slim & sleek design, this premium toilet bidet attachment will give your bathroom a next-level look

Designed to last – made with high-pressure valves with metal/ceramic cores & steel hoses instead of plastic.


Bidet Attachment for Toilet | Toilet Bidet

Designed to fit Australian toilets

Original price was: $179.Current price is: $149.

(9 customer reviews)


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Includes ALL PARTS AND TOOLS to get your bidet up and running in minutes.

Easily attaches to and detaches from any standard toilet.


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Quick & Easy To Install - no plumber required

Original price was: $179.Current price is: $149.

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bidet toilet attachment sale

Healthier option for everyone – This bidet’s dual-nozzle offers a refreshing stream of clean water providing thorough cleansing for men and women. Bidets are gentler and more hygienic than toilet paper.



The bidet is made of environmentally friendly ABS material. Attached accessories are brass T-shaped adapter and braided steel cold water hose. The overall quality of the bidet toilet seat attachment is optimized, and traditional plastic is replaced, which improves the durability and cost-effectiveness of the bidet for toilet.



Self cleaning bidet toilet seat attachment. When the rotation controller rotates to the right, it is the posterior mode, while the rotation to the left is the self-cleaning mode. The self-cleaning mode can clean the nozzle, keep the nozzle clean and reduce the pollution of the nozzle.



After continuous improvement and optimization, there is finally a designed a slim bidet attachment with a thickness of 4.8mm, which is 60% thinner than the traditional bidet 12mm. And the edge of the bidet attachment is improved so that it fits the toilet completely and can be integrated with the toilet. Most two-piece standard toilets are compatible, so there is no need to worry about mismatches.



The Ultra-slim bidet rotation controller will adjust the water pressure according to the rotation angle of the controller, and the larger the angle of rotation, the larger the water pressure. When it starts to rotate 15-20 degrees, the nozzle will start to water, and the water pressure will be the largest when it is rotated to 90 degrees.


The upper part of the bidet nozzle has a concave downward design., which makes the nozzle have a proper gap with the toilet pedestal ring. It can prevent the nozzle from being broken by the toilet pedestal ring due to external force when using the toilet.
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What is a Bidet Attachment for Toilet?
A Bidet Attachment for Toilet is a device that can be installed on your existing toilet to provide a refreshing and hygienic cleaning experience. It sprays water to clean you after using the toilet, replacing the need for toilet paper.
How does a Bidet Toilet Seat work?
A Bidet Toilet Seat connects to your toilet’s water supply and features adjustable water pressure and spray patterns. By simply pressing a button or turning a dial, it releases a stream of water for cleansing purposes.
What are the benefits of using a Toilet Bidet?
Using a Toilet Bidet offers several benefits. It provides superior cleanliness, reduces the use of toilet paper, soothes sensitive areas, helps with hygiene-related issues, and contributes to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
Is a Bidet Attachment for Toilet easy to install?
Yes, installing a Bidet Attachment for Toilet is usually straightforward and doesn’t require any specialized plumbing skills. Most attachments come with detailed instructions and all the necessary parts for installation.
Can a Toilet Bidet Seat fit any toilet?
Toilet Bidet Seat are designed to be compatible with most standard toilets. However, it’s always recommended to check the product specifications or consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with your specific toilet model.
Are Bidet Toilet Seat adjustable?
Yes, Bidet Toilet Seat typically offer adjustable features such as water pressure, spray position, and temperature (if they include a warm water option). This allows you to customize the cleaning experience according to your preferences.
Is a Toilet Bidet Attachment hygienic?
Yes, Toilet Bidet Attachments are hygienic and often considered more hygienic than using toilet paper alone. The use of water helps to thoroughly cleanse and remove residue, providing a higher level of cleanliness.
Can a Bidet Attachment for Toilet be used by everyone in the family?
Absolutely! Bidet Attachments for Toilet are suitable for people of all ages. They are especially beneficial for individuals with limited mobility, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with certain health conditions.
Are Bidet Toilet Seats environmentally friendly?
Yes, Bidet Toilet Seat promote environmental sustainability. By reducing the reliance on toilet paper, they help save trees and reduce waste. Additionally, many attachments are designed to minimize water usage.
Where can I buy a Bidet Attachment for Toilet?
Bidet Attachments for Toilet are available for purchase online through various retailers and marketplaces. You can also find them in home improvement stores or specialty bathroom fixture stores

9 reviews for Toilet Bidet Attachment | Bidet Toilet Seat Non Electric

  1. Jordy

    The bidet attachment was easy to install and works well. The controls are easy to learn to use. Well designed. Good value for the price.

  2. Ed

    The fact that there is no temperature control was a concern however that turned out not to be a problem for me as you can very carefully control the amount of water flow from almost a mist to a much heavier flow. You do have to be careful not to turn the volume of water up too high because it can come out with too much force. However, I just bought a second unit. So far I am very happy

  3. Ed

    The fact that there is no temperature control was a concern however that turned out not to be a problem for me as you can very carefully control the amount of water flow from almost a mist to a much heavier flow. You do have to be careful not to turn the volume of water up too high because it can come out with too much force. However, I just bought a second unit. So far I am very happy

  4. Victoria

    Quick Summary: Quick installation (less than 5 mins), pressure can go from light to strong, and cleans well.

    In depth review: I was able to install this without my husband. The installation itself took me less than 5 minutes and was only longer because I cleaned everything (as you should!) before installing the bidet. I bought this because it was more sleek looking than the others and seemed simple enough. I had some concerns of using cold water to clean because I live in MN. The first time is really the only uncomfortable time, afterwards it’s actually refreshing. There are times where the water would be frigid cold (middle of the nights) but it’s not to the point where I can’t take it… I still prefer to use water to clean than no water.

    – Easy to install.
    – Pressure varies. When first turning it on to the posterior or feminine wash it does a quick self-clean before you turn it on fully which then shoots out the water. The water pressure can be light and refreshing. If you go all the way I would say beware because it hurts a little bit, at least for me. Point is you don’t need to turn it all the way to get clean.
    – Sleek and modern looking. I went specifically for this one because it was not a big block right beside your toilet.
    – Hygienic. I was paranoid about using this at first because when you do your business, couldn’t some back splash get onto the spray nozzles? Well like I stated before it self cleans before fully spraying water at you which is good. Plus the actual spray nozzle is tucked inside so nothing actually gets on the actual part where it sprays water.

    – Since it is not a handheld bidet you may need to shift a little bit when you’re sitting down to make sure it hits the right spot.
    – I have a round toilet seat. I need to cover the whole toilet seat with my butt or else water will fly out from the back when I wash my butt.

  5. Charlotte

    I absolutely love how slim this design is – I’ve seen other bidets that require a toilet seat lift or something like that, and this one does not require any extra hardware.

  6. Colin

    This is WELL worth the money! Great product – super easy to install (like 15 min.) and use – twist handle away from you for back portion of your bottom and twist towards you for the front part of your bottom. You kinda have to adjust yourself on the seat a little to get full effect of the water stream.

  7. Mia

    Nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to the clean feeling. Especially being a lady, and that time of the month…it is so refreshing to be able to get a good clean, any time you feel like it, without having to take a whole shower. I love how the nozzles come down and up – the manufacturer is telling the truth – it really does keep them clean because of that. And I dont know how many women they tested this on to get the accuracy, but somehow they perfectly lined these nozzles up and the bum hits the bum and the other hits the other, right on target lol. When first using it, turn the knob SLOWLY, no need to pressure wash your nether regions, because this thing can GO! I’ve had mine for almost a year and I’ve never used it at its full blast yet, because I’ve never had to. We save so much more on TP, and I only wish I had one during the Great Quarantine, when there was a bum rush for toilet paper! I kinda feel these should be a standard thing in a bathroom, the same as sinks and faucets are. Once you go the bidet route, you just wont go back….you cant’ go back. Baby wipes, none of that compares, and its much safer for your septic system and less waste and expense buying wipes over and over. Even on the coldest days and nights, I have never experienced an icy blast down there, because I think with the water having sat in the pipes inside the house (before you turn it on) it warms to room temperature. If anything, its refreshing. Again, I cannot stress enough how much an improvement to quality of life is with one of these, and particularly if you’re a woman.

  8. Isla

    It does what it’s supposed to. Do not spray your wall by mistake lol!!!! Also, adjust the pressure on it gradually until desired amount. I love it and my husband had an easy time setting it up!!!!

  9. Renee

    Love it, works great. Don’t know why we ever waited to own one of these.. Great product.

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