The Premier Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

The handheld bidet sprayer easily connects to your existing toilet water supply line, providing a cleansing sanitary posterior wash with the press of a button.

Super easy to install and affordable for every home, this silver hand sprayer dispenses water in two modes: stream or wide spray.

A metal T-valve with brass core allows water pressure adjustment and acts as a quick shutoff mechanism after each use.

Rinse your private areas without having the huge expense of retrofitting your entire bathroom.

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Happy Health

Flush haemorrhoids, anal fissures and painful urinary tract infections down the drain.

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Happy Planet

Toilet paper alone accounts for 15% of deforestation. And that’s just the trees. Switching to a bidet might be a great step in reducing your ecological footprint.
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Happy Wallet

The average person spends $150+ on toilet paper each year. Your investment in a bidet pays itself back in just a few months.

Welcome To Bidet Spray Australia

If you are looking for a cost effective way to fit a bathroom hand held bidet sprayer…. we have the solution.



HEAVY DUTY 304 Stainless Steel bidet sprayer head and toilet hook holder – BRASS inner trigger and wall mount holder – PEX flexible ANTI TWIST inner tube pipe and Brass Body T-Valve Adapter with Zinc Alloy Handle and Ceramic Cartridge means this water bidet lasts a long, long time



Say goodbye to dangerous puddles on the floor. We METICULOUSLY INSPECT each toilet sprayer COMPONENT, down to the tiniest nut, bolt and connection, so we can GUARANTEE it WORKS FLAWLESSLY thru every situation


The LATEST ADVANCED incremental pressure system ensures this complete bidet set sprays as gently or powerfully as YOU NEED TO FEEL CLEAN, making it the best bedet toilet attachment for pets, kids and the WHOLE FAMILY.


Brass T-Valve Adapter, Bidet Hose & Wall Mount Holder, complete hardware set and VISUAL instructions that make installation so easy, even the “building challenged” say it’s a breeze.



Works as a bidet attachment, cloth diaper sprayer or for cleaning and rinsing the toilet
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How A Hand Held Bidet Sprayer Works For You & The Enviroment

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The Hand Held Bidet offers a drastic improvement in how one cleans up and gets fresh after using the bathroom.

It’s time to move into the new generation of toilet use.

The positive change in your life will ultimately lead everyone to the same question: Why didn’t I start using this earlier?

Looking for a quality bidet?

A 10 minute toilet attachment installation and you’re done. The look is second to none, power in your hands, very durable and well made.

Are you coming from overseas? You’re probably wondering why every bathroom doesn’t have these handy devices.

Injured or reduced mobility? The ultimate in special care and assistance when regular clean-up has been made difficult.

Need the shower, tub, sink or family pet cleaned? Your prayers are answered. Our hand held sprayer offers unlimited assistance in rinsing and spraying.

Friendly for the Earth? The “green” effect and the amount of money saved on the reduction in toilet paper purchases makes this hand held bidet sprayer a no brainer. An extra hand when you need it the most.

Call it what you want. We’ve seen it referenced many different ways.

People refer to this bidet toilet attachment as a beday, bidget, biday, bedet, badae, bedais, bade, bede, bidett, bidette, boude, bude, buday, ba day, bday, badai, bi day, bidaai, bidea, bideau, bodae, bouday, buday, buhday, booday, bedit, bidae, videt, biddet, bidee or baday toilet.


When assembled, these components for your Hand Held Bidet set will conveniently attach to your toilet that you can place anywhere in your bathroom.

Four quality components tried and tested to bring added comfort to your bathroom as well as luxury to your bathroom hardware appeal. Personal hygiene products at its finest.

The personal bidet toilet attachment is a low-cost way to achieve freshness like never before with a simple addition to your existing plumbing to create a stylish toilet bidet combo! No plumber or handyman necessary. This bathroom bidet has everything you’ll need for a complete 10 minute toilet with bidet installation to create a useful bidet toilet for years to come.

This Bidet Sprayer set can also act as a cloth diaper sprayer, shattaf, muslim shower or toilet sprayer for rinsing and cleaning.

Handicappped, elderly, seniors, adults, and disabled may also find advantages of this system for recovery, assistance, and special care.

The Handheld Bidet for toilet has an adjustable spray trigger that allows for a low gentle soft spray bidet or high jet spray bidet for varying purposes and personal tastes.

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